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Current Opportunities

Epidemiologist or Statistician (Graduate Student). We are seeking a graduate student with advanced studies in epidemiology, statistics, or public health. EVERMORE is developing its first Facts & Figures to define child death, identify trends in causes,  project familial connections related to the deceased child, and the implications of death on family stability and solvency. Successful candidates will offer a basic project management plan outlining a phased approach to the analysis, including level of effort required for each phase. For more information, please see our full position description

Social Worker. We are seeking a part-time social worker with extensive experience in child or sibling loss and its related grief. Candidates should be a licensed mental health provider with at least a master’s degree in social work, preferably in thanatology. Successful candidates will have experience with families who have suffered traumatic and anticipatory child loss, including the loss of adult-aged children. For more information, please see our full position description.