Every day throughout the world, families of every race, religion, and age must confront a devastating and unimaginable reality -- their child has died.  Regardless of how or when a child dies, it always happens too soon, and leaves a sea of grief where previously there was hope and love.

EVERMORE is here to support  all families who have lost a child, whether young or old, from accidents, violence, suicide, war, illness, natural causes, or disasters.  EVERMORE is working to build a more holistic societal support system, implement policies that help parents and families during a time of deep pain, and advance the science of parent and family bereavement.  

EVERMORE knows that it will never diminish the lifetime of pain that you experience.  But our hope is that the information, resources, and tools provided will support you  through the flood of emotions and life changes that result from your loss  and propel you in your quest for purpose and peace.

Because losing a child...changes everything.