In Silence & Solidarity

Date:  Sunday, October 1, 2017

Location: The Friends Meeting of Washington DC (Quakers)
2111 Florida Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008-1912

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In 2016, EVERMORE co-hosted its inaugural interfaith memorial in Washington, D.C. in partnership with the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan WashingtonChildren's National Medical Center, and Howard University Hospital. We shared traditions from a wide spectrum of beliefs to provide parents a rich array of ways to honor their child and foster a sense of community and unity among all in attendance. We hope that you will consider joining us next year.

All photos were generously provided by Dev Berry Photography.

2016 Religious Leadership

  • Reverend Ciara Simonson (Christianity), Disciples of Christ
  • Imam Talib Shareef (Islam), Masjid Muhammad, The Nation's Mosque
  • Father Evelio Menjivar (Catholicism), Pastor of Our Lady Queen of the Americas
  • Glendora Meyers (Buddhism), IMCW/MTTI affiliate teacher and practitioner
  • Siva Subramanian (Hinduism), Medstar Georgetown University Hospital
  • Sabrina Sojourner (Judaism), Frederick Memorial Hospital
  • Hannah Salander (Judaism), Jewish Spiritual Director, Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and Golden Willow Retreat

2016 Musical Leadership: Threshold Singers of Washington DC

  • Bernie Alston
  • Amy Angel
  • Kadija Ash
  • Janet Booth
  • Mary Bowers
  • Leslie Kostrich