Imagine a more livable world where bereavement care is the rule, not the exception.

Every day, in every community across the United States, families face the ramifications of bereavement with access few resources or supportive services. As neighbors and friends we long to do more than simply say, “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Yet, what to do, how to help in the wake of a tragedy remains elusive.

At Evermore, we believe answers exist. We believe that proper investments in research, program development, education and policy advocacy will position our nation to lead the world in bereavement care.


Imagine a world when…

– Premature death is not an outcome following a child, sibling or spousal death.

– A windfall of health, social and economic decline is not an acceptable consequence.

– Friends and neighbors know what to say and how to help.

– Colleagues offer a raft of support and refuge.

– We all recognize that we have a role to play.


Imagine a world where…

– Workplaces offer supportive policies for bereaved individuals.

– Places of worship understand the immediate and long-term implications of bereavement on family health and wellbeing.

– Health care recognizes, prioritizes and prevents cascading wellbeing decline.

– Schools have tools, programs and resources for bereaved children.

– Social media pauses to recognize a loss and stops marketing harsh reminders of who and what we’ve lost.

– Grocery stores stop sending coupons for favorite cereals, diapers or shampoos for months following a death.


Where bereavement care is the rule, not the exception. No one is excluded and there are a spectrum of resources and programs in every neighborhood of America meeting the individual needs of the populations they serve. Where we all count. Where we are no longer invisible and inconvenient.

We can do this. It is achievable. We need your help. Every voice matters. It’s not for tomorrow; there are too many Americans who need our help today. Join us in making the world a more livable place for bereaved families.


Where families are no longer invisible and inconvenient. 


Yes! I want better bereavement care for all Americans.

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