Evermore is making the world a more livable place for bereaved families.

The unexpected or untimely death of a loved one is the most common traumatic event Americans experience; many rate it as the worst event of their life. This is not surprising considering suicide, homicide, overdoses, gun violence, and now COVID-19 are impacting millions of American households. Americans are not only exposed to an alarming number of tragic and often traumatic deaths, but they are encountering a formidable array of barriers to bereavement care that compound their suffering. 

Unlike many public health crises, the death of a loved one is an indiscriminate issue, transcending all boundaries of race, religion, geography, marital and socioeconomic status and marking a profound shift in a family’s well-being and stability. Still, the issue remains under-researched, underfunded and glaringly unaddressed at all levels of society. 

Evermore is tackling these barriers and paving a path for more resources for families, professionals and researchers. As a modern society, we no longer need to slog through our losses. We believe that our nation urgently needs a social paradigm shift. Bereavement is an invisible public health crisis. Evermore is working tirelessly to make it happen. 


Nearly every American will experience the death of a loved one.

As a nation, we can – and must – do better. 

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