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White House Office of Bereavement Care

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Please join us by signing on to the call for the creation of the first White House Office of Bereavement Care. Our nation is facing unprecedented mortality crises — gun violence, death by suicide, overdose, COVID-19 — Americans need help. Our government must acknowledge those surviving these life-altering events and track a death’s ramifications in families. The toll and tax of losing our loved ones on our American psyche has never been greater. No longer can we allow bereavement to go unacknowledged, unattended or unaddressed. We believe in an America where bereavement care is the rule, not the exception.

We strongly urge The White House to establish the first-ever Office of Bereavement Care to respond to this American crisis urgently and with the fullest extent of its authority. The Office will develop, coordinate, prioritize and address the ramifications that premature and off-time deaths are having in American hearts, households, businesses and communities. Located within the White House’s West Wing, the Office will expedite a multi-agency governmental response, while engaging public and private sector leaders, community advocates and other vested Americans.

We acknowledge that bereaved parents, children, spouses and siblings are all at-risk of premature death as a result of their loss. The statistics are alarming and personal stories breathtaking. [We invite you to learn more here.] 

Bereaved Children: Today, an estimated two million youth have lost a parent. 

Bereaved Parents: According to the Institute of Medicine, the death of a child is one of the greatest and most enduring stresses a person can experience.

Bereaved Siblings: Approximately eight million American siblings under the age of 25 have lost a brother or sister.

Bereaved Spouses: There are approximately 15 million bereaved spouses in the United States. 

Racial Inequality: Across the life course, Black and Brown Americans are more likely to experience the death of children, spouses, siblings and parents when compared to their White counterparts.

The death of a loved one is a shared human experience that transforms our lives, health, and prosperity. We cannot accept that bereaved individuals and families should cope with little to no help, rights or policy protections. 

Whereas, we the people believe that our nation’s most respected leader should establish the first-ever White House Office of Bereavement Care to address this invisible, prevalent public health crisis. As a citizen of this great nation, I hereby add my name as my expression of my belief that the President of the United States should establish a White House Office of Bereavement Care.

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I hereby add my name as my expression of my belief that our next President of the United States should establish a White House Office of Bereavement Care.

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