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Bereavement Blitz: House Leads Will Senate Follow?

by Evermore

For the first time in history, key federal health agencies will report what activities, if any, they are doing to advance bereavement care. Photo by Bob Bowie on Unsplash As Congress shut its doors and fears of COVID-19 swept the nation, a small group of families and professionals worked tirelessly to advance our nation’s bereavement care system. We know…

Evermore brings the fight to Capitol Hill — will they listen?

by Evermore

For too long, too many have considered bereavement as simply a mental health issue. When a family member or loved one dies, those grieving experience a deep sadness as their lives are changed fundamentally forever. Conventional wisdom tells us a bereaved individual or family will eventually “get over it,” “find closure” and “move on.” But,…

Should you go to a medium?

by Evermore

In one study grieving parents ranked support groups and psychics as the most helpful in coping with their grief. Photo courtesy of Yeshi Kangrang. An expert on grief says bereaved parents shouldn’t discount the benefits One of the most difficult aspects of dealing with the death of a loved one is its finality. Surviving family…

Making a Difference: National Alliance Raises Awareness About What Grieving Kids Need

by Evermore

47% of surveyed kids under age 18 believe their life will be harder than it will be for other people. Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash. Evermore’s next few stories will have a “Back to School” theme focusing on both younger children and college-aged students. We are giving focus to siblings who have suffered the death of…

Seattle’s “Bea’s Law” a Trailblazer in Paid Bereavement Leave

by Evermore

Bea’s parents — Rachel and Erin Alder say they are “extraordinarily pleased” by Seattle City Council’s unanimous vote for paid bereavement leave and were thankful for the support they received throughout the process. City employees no longer face impossible choice: to mourn their child or keep your job This week, the Seattle City Council passed “Bea’s Law,” which extends…

Most workers get just three days off after a child’s death, but Seattle wants to change that

by Evermore

Illinois, Oregon and Tacoma, Wash., all have laws that give employees the right to bereavement leave. Seattle may soon join these forward-thinking states and cities if a measure to extend paid leave to parents who suffer the death of a child is approved. Many are surprised to learn that bereaved parents are not included under…

Journalists Covering Trauma

by Evermore

Child deaths, especially those that occur in mass tragedies, are the subject of significant news coverage. Frank Ochberg, chairman emeritus of the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma at Michigan State University, said that journalists have an important role to play in covering child death and trauma. A pioneer in trauma research shares how news stories…

The child death beat

by Evermore

Photo courtesy of Cynthia H. Craft. An award-winning USA Today reporter talks about why she’s covered child death for so long It’s been nearly 23 years, but USA Today reporter Jayne O’Donnell won’t ever forget the moment. Jayne O’Donnell, health policy reporter, USA Today. After writing a series of articles in 1996 that prompted the…

Spreading the word about the aftermath of a child death

by Evermore

Photo courtesy of AbsolutVision on Unsplash. Evermore’s founder to speak at journalism conference Raising the visibility about the long-lasting effects on parents and siblings after a child dies is a central goal for Evermore, and Joyal Mulheron, Evermore’s founder and executive director, will do just that when she addresses healthcare journalists in early May. Mulheron will…

When a child dies… what happens next makes all the difference.

by Evermore

  Mulheron left her career to immerse herself in the science surrounding the fallout of losing a child at any age or cause. She then started Evermore — a nonprofit to change the national response when a child dies. Evermore organization will tackle why and how More. Bereaved. Families. Every day, news coverage reports the death of sons…


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