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Did you watch this week’s New Amsterdam?

by Evermore

How CuddleCot is changing the care system for stillbirth families The scene opens with a woman, curled up on a hospital bed. A doctor enters, rolling in a white bassinet. “This is called a CuddleCot,” he explains. “It’s a special bassinet that keeps stillborn babies cool so they can stay with their parents a little…

From Pediatrician to Medical Examiner

by Evermore

A leading expert in child death investigations talks about his unlikely career. A parent’s response to grief comes in many forms. And, after decades as a medical examiner, Dr. Thomas Andrew, among the country’s leading experts on child death, knows all about that. Andrew is New Hampshire’s former chief medical examiner and spent decades conducting…

A Legacy of Protecting Others

by Evermore

  Bryan Burgess (center) was killed in action during his final 2011 deployment to Afghanistan just 16 days before he was scheduled to return home — a few weeks shy of his 30th birthday. His parents Terry and Beth created Gold Star Parents retreat and network in his honor. Grieving Bryan, their son who gave all, Texas parents Terry…

Texas researchers examine health consequences after a child dies

by Evermore

“Don’t Lean Into The Brokeness,” Joyal Mulheron, The Huffington Post, July 19, 2017. Child death ‘more common’ than many realize, hits black Americans disproportionately The connections we form with our family and friends benefit our mental health, physical health and longevity in countless ways. So, it’s no surprise that the loss of those close relationships,…

When a child dies… what happens next makes all the difference.

by Evermore

  Mulheron left her career to immerse herself in the science surrounding the fallout of losing a child at any age or cause. She then started Evermore — a nonprofit to change the national response when a child dies. Evermore organization will tackle why and how More. Bereaved. Families. Every day, news coverage reports the death of sons…


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