After growing up in America’s heartland, Brian Denny was keen to explore the world and integrate his dedication to faith and community service into his professional endeavors.

Following his graduate studies in computer science and security at Purdue University, Brian left the heartland as he moved to the East Coast to start his career as a government employee. Always a bit of an entrepreneur and a student of business, he began to invest in real estate and managed rental properties while working full-time.

After spending a few years in the government, Brian transitioned to a large contracting firm to learn more about business operations and strategy. Shortly thereafter, he was recruited by two senior managers who started a niche cybersecurity company. Under several years of their leadership, Brian continued his education and growth in both cybersecurity and business operations until founding Veros Technologies (“Veros”).

Veros is the culmination of everything Brian believes, has learned, and aspires to be in the world. Veros is not only a technical services company focused on providing mission impact, but it also supports causes and organizations that focus on helping people in need. Team members are encouraged to nominate partnership opportunities with nonprofit organizations that are advancing humanity. As a result, Veros supports mission-based organizations while advancing causes that are important to its team members.

In 2015, a member of the Veros team shared with Brian the work EVERMORE was doing, and explained how he had personally supported the cause since its inception. His passion was evident, and he provided a vision for a cause whose long-term impacts are often overlooked across a broad and diverse community. Veros’ resulting investment in EVERMORE is a prime example of how it supports the great work being done by an organization committed to helping people in their time of need.

Brian says, “To the best of my ability, I want to do all I can to ensure Veros stands out for its excellence and principles. In business, there’s always the temptation to compromise on one or both, and my priority is to maintain our integrity by staying true to our values. Those principles are rooted in my personal faith and in not taking for granted the blessing we have in Veros, and I believe our success can serve as a platform through which we can positively impact people’s lives.”


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