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Seattle’s “Bea’s Law” a Trailblazer in Paid Bereavement Leave

by Evermore

Bea’s parents — Rachel and Erin Alder say they are “extraordinarily pleased” by Seattle City Council’s unanimous vote for paid bereavement leave and were thankful for the support they received throughout the process. City employees no longer face impossible choice: to mourn their child or keep your job This week, the Seattle City Council passed “Bea’s Law,” which extends…

“He Wants Me to Salute Him Back”

by Evermore

Bryan Burgess was killed in action during a 2011 deployment to Afghanistan just 16 days before he was scheduled to return home — a few weeks shy of his 30th birthday. Telling and re-telling the story of his son’s life and sacrifice pulled Terry Burgess from deep depression In the early morning hours before Terry Burgess learned…


Yes! I want better bereavement care for all Americans.

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