The Problem

Bereaved parents, siblings, children and spouses are at-risk of dying prematurely due to their loss.

This year, millions of American families will experience the death of a loved one and there are few support systems in place to support family wellbeing, solvency and stability.

Individuals are alone, lost with few supports or protections.

The frontlines do not have the tools, resources or support. 

Our nation invests in prevention of death, but not in its aftermath.

Bereavement care in America is broken.

It is broken for the bereaved. It is broken for frontline professionals. It is broken for our nation.


Everyone has a role to play.

Our nation must act.

As a nation, we must create a coordinated and comprehensive response for our families and those that serve them.

Our families deserve it. 


Bereavement care is the rule, not exception.

Our nation must act.

Imagine a future where families get the help they deserve and can regain their lives with support.

Our families deserve it. 


Yes! I want better bereavement care for all Americans.

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