The Problem

“While bereavement is stressful whenever it occurs, studies continue to provide evidence that the greatest stress, and often the most enduring one, occurs for parents who experience the death of a child.”

–Institute of Medicine

This year, millions American families will experience the death of a loved one and there are few support systems in place to support family wellbeing, solvency and stability. 

The death of a loved one at any age and from any cause remains an invisible public health emergency because of a simple lack of “accounting” and understanding how to help. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) collects data on who dies, but not who survives these deaths. 

Every death causes significant complications.

Entire families are impacted.

Every one death impacts many.

Grief associated with child death may be a silent, underlying risk factor for significant health and chronic conditions, as well as family wellbeing. Despite its significance, the nation does not collect data on how many Americans are impacted, there are no tailored programs to meet family needs and there are few policy protections to help families.

The death of a loved one at any age and from any cause is an invisible public health emergency.

Act Now!

We need your help.

20 million American families need your help.


Whether a family faces stillbirth, suicide, overdose or homicide, more can – and should – be done to help.


Every voice matters. 


Yes! I want better bereavement care for all Americans.

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