What We Do: 

EVERMORE is dedicated to fostering hope and solidarity among families, empowering communities, and changing our nation’s culture following the death of a child at any age and from any cause. 

We are not a grief support group or therapy-based center; rather, we working to fundamentally change the supports for families surviving the death of a child. 

We welcome families from all walks of life by fostering hope and solidarity to share stories on how other families are coping, how they are smiling and laughing again, and how they are reinvesting in life. 


We believe every child counts, young or old, before independent life has begun or as an octogenarian, every grieving parent deserves support, hope and solidarity. No matter how your child died, no matter their age…all are welcome here.


We are empowering communities by building more supportive networks for families through a philosophy of care for any practitioners who touches the lives of families. 


We believe that every community organization—public or private—has a role to play. From emergency responders, to medical examiners, funeral homes, hospitals, employers, or from grocers, recreational centers to child care and many others, each institution can support families in their own ways.


We are changing our nation’s societal norms by raising awareness of the crisis, accelerating policy, and advancing research.


We believe that our nation can, and must, do better for families who experience one of life’s greatest hardships. By marshaling resources in all sectors of society to advance research, raise public awareness, and accelerate public policy, we can enhance family support and solvency.




Every 90 seconds a family loses a child in the United States, resulting in long-term health, social and economic hardships.

Our nation’s institutions and social systems are not well-equipped to address or understand these hardships, and grieving families are further victimized by a lack of supportive services, often compounding their experience.

We, as a nation cannot afford to sit idly by and hope that families “make it through” to the “other side.” We have a crisis here and now. We must invest in proven programs and support. We must help families because losing a child...changes everything.